To be the premier wireless retailer by providing an unparalleled customer experience from a knowledgeable, passionate, and caring team

To be the premiere wireless retailer by providing unparalleled customer experience from a knowledgeable, passionate, and caring team

Our Core Values

People First

Archers are always putting the needs of our colleagues, our team members, and our customers before anything else.

Displaying Integrity

We display integrity by always doing the right thing.

Leading the Way

At Arch Telecom, we are at the forefront of our industry.

Embrace Change

The nature of our industry requires that we not only adjust to changes, but we strive to incorporate change into our culture and our way of doing business.

One Team, One Vision

Arch team members work across the country and across the globe. We are all part of the same team and are working to achieve the same vision!

Our History

At Arch Telecom, our purpose from the very beginning was- to be the premier wireless retailer by providing an unparalleled customer experience from a knowledgeable, passionate, and caring team.

To this day, that is still the case.

Twenty-six years ago, two brothers, Alex and Vic Ghai, set out to New York and opened up their very first wireless location in Yonkers. At this point in time, the wireless industry was fairly new, so the brothers were learning and adapting to the everchanging industry.

As time passed, the Ghai’s opened up a few more locations in and around the New York area.

Between 1998 & 1999, they wanted to gain size in the market, so they decided to merge with another dealer, who to this day, is still a major partner of Arch! Throughout the early 2000’s, they continued to expand and opened up more stores throughout NY and eventually spread to the DC Metro area, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.

With the passing of the number portability bill in 2003, the Ghai’s knew that carriers will desire retailers that were exclusive to them and would favor them over dealers that had multiple carriers. So, in 2004, they partnered with Nextel and T-Mobile and became exclusive with them at a market level.

In 2006, a big change had happened with the merger of Nextel and Sprint, which had left them in a period of uncertainty and chaos…

Luckily, they prevailed through this rough time and a year later acquired an unprofitable dealer failing wireless company and retail portfolio. They were able to flip this unprofitable business into a profitable one and gained some of Arch’s key team players during the process who are still a part of the Arch family today…

One year later, they decided to pack up their bags and relocate their corporate office across the country from New York to Southern California. They offered full relocation assistance to their employees because they have always believed that: “people are every company’s most valuable and enduring asset.”

Throughout the next few years, they fully aligned themselves with wireless retailer, Sprint, and were established as one of Sprint’s most trusted partners. This allowed them to further expand into Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon.

As time continued on, they saw the opportunity in acquiring failing dealers. They quickly realized “why” all of these dealers were failing, which was due to bad business decisions and them not investing back into their business. They wanted to change this narrative and do the complete opposite to establish a company culture where employees felt valued and heard. So this is what they did.

By 2015, they started to establish their dominance in the dealer channel and became one of Sprint’s largest and most consistent performers over the next 4 years. Their performance had consistently out gapped the channel and margin growing from 10% to almost 100% to date.

At this time, Arch’s retail blueprint pillars also known as “3 Pillars” (Managing Downtime, Online Reputation, Maximize Traffic) were defined and implemented amongst the entire company.

In 2017, they took a big step to further invest into their employees and introduced ESOP (employee stock ownership plan). This employee benefit made Arch the only Employee Owned Wireless Dealer!

Throughout the years of acquisition, growth, and change, the one thing that remained constant was putting their employees and customers first as they are the root of what makes Arch successful.

Currently, Arch Telecom operates in 13 states across the East and West Coast and is continuing to grow as the New T-Mobile.