Real Customers, Extraordinary Results

This is the second time I have purchased a phone from the San Diego Location. They are professional, patient, and helpful as I navigate the functions of my new device. I appreciate the team seems to be the same each time I pop in with a new question, and knowing my name is a plus. Thanks for being superstars!

Jane D

This is my first smart phone and I have been afraid to convert for the longest time. The sales rep spent time with me to be sure I could use the device when I left and also set a follow up time with me 2 days later for me to come back and ask any questions that I did not ask the first time or I forgot when I was in the store the first time. This was so helpful.

Charlie M

“I came in because I have no idea how to use and set up apps.  The sales rep showed me how to find the apps I wanted to start using and I bought an upgraded phone in the process.  Thanks Sandra for taking the time to not only do it for me but with me so I will not be so helpless next time.”

Katie R

I went to your store to switch from Verizon and the knowledgeable manager set me up with a plan that would help me to recover $800 I was going to be losing with Verizon because of the switch. The manager went out of her way to drive to another store for the exact inventory I needed so I would not have to order it. This is the best service that I have received at a cellphone company and I highly recommend this independent store. Kudos to the manager and the employees there.

David M

I have been with Verizon for 10 years, but was at a meeting in an area with poor coverage when I had an emergency. I raced in bought a phone at your location and although I could not get on a flight home, I was able to be on the phone with my wife as she delivered our first child 5 weeks early! Your employee was a mom, herself, and understood the crisis and my stress level. I was not at my best, but she was. I will be a loyal customer from now on. 

Teddy R

I can’t remember the name of the kind woman at the counter but I will never forget the experience. My father was 2 states away and fell and broke his hip. I bought a phone for him and sent it so we could communicate via face time... a feature his flip phone from the 80’s didn’t have.. I came into the store and she spent time with me showing me how to use it and got him on the phone and walked him through it also. We facetime everyday so I can watch his recovery. I am so grateful

Sam J

I wanted to take a minute to compliment your Rockaway, NJ location.  The employee was excellent and his service was amazing.  My suggestion is to keep him, promote him, and pay him more.  He is worth it.
Thank you!

Mitch D

I bought a phone for my husband and then had to return it. The employee took it back with no issue and I got the phone my husband preferred. Returning things is always a pain but this was easy and I appreciated the smooth process from start to finish.

Tammi B

I am a first time iPhone user and was confused about my monthly bill. This team spent the time to extensively review this with me as well as ensure all of my needs were met before I left. This was a critical piece that I can now put behind me as I feel fully informed. Thank you Arch.

Denisse D

I come in every month to pay my bill. The team greets me and helps me even though they know I do not want to buy anything and they will get nothing in commission from helping me. Each month they do their job professionally and I wanted to thank them for being professional. I actually look forward to the visit they are a nice fun group of kids.

Pete P

I have been with AT&T since 2004 and was set on never switching but I needed a charger and that is when it happened. The sales rep sold me the phone but explained the benefits of T Mobile. I am skeptical of most things but he made promises and I believed him. This was the best change in my cellular world and I saved over $100 per month. Thanks for getting an old guy to be less set in his ways.

Jason V

I came here because I had an initial concern. The employee was super nice and professional, and I appreciated the way he handled the return. As I was leaving the District Manager made a point to come out to the parking lot and shake my hand and offer any future assistance. I appreciated the gesture and thought it was very professional. I appreciate all of your efforts.

Curtis G

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