Honest Feedback From Real Employees

I joined this business 2 ½ years ago, and from day 1 the direction and leadership here just feels different. Expectations are high, the environment is professional, but you know immediately that this is a long-term business. We do not make it up as we go, but rather are so tightly aligned and directed that whatever we focus on, we are able to make an immediate shift to impact our business. I take great pride in how I help my own teams to grow personally and professionally, as well as pride in what we do here every day.

Travis L.

My journey at Arch has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.  Arch is fully invested in their people, and as leaders, we are encouraged and empowered to focus on the development of our team members.  As well, my direct leadership has been deliberate in understanding my own goals and partnering with me to reach them. It is highly motivational to watch Senior Leadership embody the same values and expectations they have set for their teams.  I feel trusted and valued in my contributions, which inspires me daily.

Rich S.

What Arch brings to the table allows me to feel empowered and have that sense of purpose. I have been able to thrive here and bring about change that embodies Arches core values. The incredible people I work with day in, and day out push you to become the best version of yourself. There is no other place I would rather be.

Jason T

After working with Arch for 14 years, I can say without a doubt that this is not my job, it’s my extended family.  Arch has provided my family and I a great life and growth opportunity at every turn.  I am blessed and honored to be in a role where I work with new leaders who are just starting their journey and share experiences with those who have been in the game for a while.  Coaching these individuals brings me great joy and Arch puts a tremendous amount of trust in me to assist in shaping our most important asset…people.  I am a creative individual and the company encourages me to tap into that creative side every day.  They allow me the space to do that and many companies just don’t.   I am grateful for my career and always look forward to the future.  #archforlife

Chris S.

I have the pleasure of looking at this job with a lot of gratitude. My loyalty to this company and to this job has paid me back in personal development and growth and has allowed me to afford the things many people only dream of. I have a wonderful daughter, beautiful wife, a home I own, and will forever be grateful to the leadership here who believed in me and put effort into my success. I have worked hard, and been given opportunities, yes, but I have seized everything that I could and have been allowed to run and execute at a high level. I am proud to be at Arch, and with this team, and look forward to the next chapter in my story.

Saxon B.

I have been with Arch for 5 years and my personal growth has not only been encouraged but celebrated which shows me how valued I really am. Often employees can feel they don’t matter, and their voices aren’t heard, that has never been my experience working for Arch. The Executive Leadership Team has truly done an amazing job at ensuring everyone feels included. Arch’s culture is unmatched from having Nerf Gun Wars with our CEO to Pumpkin Bowling with our Chairman. Fun at Arch stays at the top of the list. I’m truly grateful that we can always “Have fun while being the best!”  Being the Best is what we do! No company can truly succeed without their employees and Arch not only understands this, but they preach it and live it.

Keyshia L

After selling my small business I came to Arch because I heard how great it was from people I used to work with and how much growth was available. The last 2 years has given me more than I could ever imagine. Because of Arch, I was able to grow my career to a new level. I was able to buy not only my first home but a second home as well. Arch has given me the opportunity to travel all over the country and connect with different people and mindsets. The leadership truly cares and when they say they want to see your career grown they mean it. Arch brings out the best in you because of the caliber of people that you work with and the people who support you at the corporate office.

Luis Q

I came to Arch from another company and instantly appreciated the professionalism and infrastructure. One of the core values is People First and there is evidence of that monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly as we celebrate individual and team wins together. Our Top Guns in every category, in every District, are celebrated Company wide and our focus on growth has remained constant. This dedication to growth has given me the opportunity to grow personally as well as focus on the development of the teams I lead. We have gone through acquisitions and have created “Strike Teams” allowing our employees to showcase their talent and to stretch and grow and lead. We embrace change and opportunity.

Nick R

The Arch culture speaks volumes to how and why I love this company. Outside of the sales, the metrics, and the KPI’s we value people every day. You never feel alone. It is always a team effort, and everyone leads from the front and by example. We are competitive and we do not apologize for it, but rather that competition keep us motivated to constantly be a better version of ourselves day in and day out. We evolve, we elevate, and we get excited about all of our accomplishments, whether they be financial, emotional, or personal we support each other. Life is not easy but having a team coast to coast that is centered on the same mission is something very special. #ARCHTOPSPOT

Alejandra M

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